I Spit On Your Grave 3 (2015) Film Thoughts... I am an admitted fan of this modern ISOYG series of films. I'm growing way more and more indifferent to horror film remakes these days, these newer films in this series have a high quality aesthetic that you really cannot ignore. The 1st one, which was a straight remake of the classic I Spit On Your Grave from 1978, was a very interesting twist on it due to the addition of the Sheriff character. The 2nd film from a couple of years back was an entirely new film with an extreme hardcore exploitation edge. I think my review for it stated, “...there are things in this film that shouldn't ever happen to human beings, male or female”. So when I heard there was a new one coming out, I wasn't at all going, “Oh, stop already!”...I was saying “MORE! MORE!”


This film is a bit different from the first two. It brings back Sarah Butler as Jennifer from the first film. She is obviously still having deep problems with her experiences and what she ended up doing in response. There is a Rape Victims support group she hesitantly gets involved with and meets Marla, a lady who is brash and very vocal on what they should do to the men who did these things to them. Through a turn of events, Marla is killed and Jennifer snaps, becoming a true “Angel of Vengeance”....


I Spit On Your Grave 3 for me was a surprise. It didn't follow the format of the first two and that is a good thing. It's more of a “social consciousness” film. There is a lot of morals, ethics, philosophy brought up here...like is revenge really an answer and will it give your closure. It also plays much with our personal fantasies of what we really want to do in certain situations. The film is nowhere near as extreme as the first two but there are a couple of set pieces that will totally make you mental, especially if you are of the male gender. I'm really surprised they got these scenes on film, I wonder what the general reaction is going to be. You will be squirming in your chair. When the blood needs to pour, it's all ready to go. The film itself, like the previous ones, is very well shot and acted, there is plenty of dialogue to listen to and it helps that they had the people to do it well. While I didn't feel at the end of it that it was a stronger entry to the series than the 1st two, it stands well on it's own. I loved it and it gets a high recommend from the Fiend.

I Spit On Your Grave 3 Movie Review


by Dave Koenig "A Fiend On Film"


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