Filmmaker Patrick Rea is at it again, folks! Fresh after having seen his claustrophobic creature feature, Nailbiter, I was ready for another dose! His new short entitled "I.V. League" leaves the viewer's mind like a Rubik's Cube after it's been shifted and toyed with for the duration of its running time. A doctor has been involved in a car accident that renders him in a coma. His wife visits him as do other members of the hospital staff. As time goes on there are many questions. But not for long as secrets are revealed along the road of many twists and turns in just the short amount of time of this short film! That's the exciting part! Half way through you're not sure which way is up or down until the last couple of minutes. I can only imagine what a spectacular delight it would be watching this movie as a feature length! The cast as their characters were convincing that you become invested in what's happening. Patrick Rea really crafted a smart plotted movie in I.V. League! I feel honored having gotten a look at it and I am very excited for others to see it as well! Keep your eyes peeled for it and don't forget the name Patrick Rea! With the way his movies are coming along, it won't be long until he makes his mark in the horror genre!



The I.V. League Movie Review

by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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