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Dark Comedy Productions is proud to present our newest demon
Jerry Smith

Hello readers,


It’s most definitely a pleasure to e-meet you all. Obviously since you don’t know me from a hole in the ground, it’d most likely be great to introduce myself and give you not only somewhat of a background of where I’ve been, where I’ll be (here) and we’re I’ll be going. If sarcasm isn’t your thing, I apologize in advance but hey, we’re all demons, right? Let’s get weird.


For the past five years, I was the Editor in Chief for the long-running genre website, Icons of Fright. Established in 2004, the site came at a time when there weren’t many others and when I came aboard the team and eventually was handed the keys to the kingdom (so to speak), it was a lot of fun. While I was there, I did things that young Jerry (I’m 36 now, so young Jerry means pre-kid and divorce and then kids and divorce #2...yeah I’m a winner) would have only had risqué dreams of, like chatting with John Carpenter, Bill Moseley, Nicholas Winding Refn and so on. I created various weird columns like Exploitation Alley and Fictional Frights, which showcased out there, sex drugs and murder-filled short stories from myself and other writers all across the genre. I eventually made my way into being a regular contributor to Fangoria Magazine, Blumhouse.com, Shock Till You Drop and Delirium Magazine and am an avid festival attendee (Fantastic Fest being the best ever. What’s better than a week of films and debauchery?...Nothing). I’ve always been a writer, and a very weird one at that. I’m a believer in the church of John Carpenter first and foremost, but am equally inspired by filmmakers and writers like John Cassavetes, Clive Barker, Jess Franco, Nicholas McCarthy (the best genre filmmaker working today) and I spend way too much time listening to Bauhaus, Beartooth, Joy Division and some Melanie Martinez in there for good measure. 

In 2016, I wrote and directed a psycho-sexual drama called LOVE IS DEAD, which starred adult film stars Joanna Angel and Aaron “Small Hands” Thompson and INSIDIOUS star Ruben Pla. I write screenplays for other filmmakers, am producing the next feature for NEIGHBOR (The America Olivo one) director Robert Angelo Masciantonio and am hard at work at planning my next directorial efforts as well. That all leads into what this here letter is for: to tell you where my head is at and my vision for being a part of this site. The fact is, I can’t slow down. I don’t want to. I have no interest in writing carbon copy press releases, the same stories you can read on every other site and put out the same art that has made the horror genre so overpopulated, in terms of similar content. I want to get weird, not famous. Growing up, being a horror fan wasn’t “cool” and it certainly didn’t get me any action, it got me picked on and then lead into a lifelong love affair with all things doom and gloom. It’s my thought that we were the kids who sat in the theaters, enthralled. We weren’t the popular kids and horror shouldn’t be about who’s seen with this director or that star but about why we love this wonderful genre. I want to write about the indie films which don’t get support from bigger sites much. I want to go to press junkets and ask the stars and directors questions that aren’t clickbait, but genuine exciting things we all want to know. I’ve been quoted my share on DVD/Blurays, Posters and Trailers but in all honest, I’d rather tell YOU readers how cool something is than play a game all about who can write the wittiest quote for a film. If you’re down the get weird, get kinky and get gruesome, let’s all make 2017 one for the books. One where we all become the artists on the forefront of providing UNIQUE and interesting content, not just write clickbait and throw a slasher icon into it. We’re artists, we’re creators. Let’s create.​

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