JitterMan Review​

by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


It comes to you when you're alone. 


There's no escape. It knows what scares you. Or rather...what gives you the jitters! 


JITTERMAN is a horror short masterfully written and directed by Alex Mathieson! For me I felt this film really captured a very Nightmare On Elm Street essence and energy that it was exciting and a lot of fun to watch. And yet, at the sometime it did the scares seriously. It truly had such a well developed balance between fun and scary. Even the title character Jitterman had this Freddy Krueger energy to him. He didn't come through in dreams, but he did come at night and had a way of messing with your head in order to get to you. It was playful yet deadly. 

Alex Mathieson's direction was quite flawless in knowing exactly where to take you, when to scare you, and the best way to use horror movie archetypes to draw you in and then scare you. The cast was fantastic! Naomi Petersen as the babysitter and Alex Stuckey as the boy had a great dynamic to watch and have such solid performances! And kudos to Tom Gordon as Jitterman! For a character that didn't speak a word he conveyed all he needed to with movement! The editing more than helped enhance the scares, awesome sound design. The make up fx, my God! Especially on Jitterman, was jolting enough to see for the first time! And I can't even close out this review without mentioning composer Eric Elick! His score literally gave me goosebumps and had the hair on the back of my neck stand on end! Whether his scores are subtle or in your face, the man never fails to impress me! This film was so enjoyable to watch - Do keep your eyes peeled for this little gem (that I truly hope gets a feature length film expansion)!

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