Justice Served Review

by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


I would like to take a minute to address the younger people of this generation whilst writing about this particular film by acclaimed filmmaker Patrick Rea. A writer/filmmaker that is most notably known for writing, producing, directing and releasing films that are more of the dark nature. Thrillers and Horror. But they've always been more than just the genre they would be categorized as. Patrick is always challenging the viewer. Whether it be emotionally or intellectually. In his films something dark doesn't always have to mean "scary" or gory. It could mean stimulating your mind or emotions to trigger a different perspective on the way you see things. 

Now the reason I wanted to address the younger people out there is because this particular film, JUSTICE SERVED, may only be 10 minutes long. But in that 10 minutes it really made me think. It of course had a supernatural element that featured characters from the dark other side, which to me made it very quite creepy. You don't really get to see them. And for the first, I don't know, 3 or 4 minutes I will admit to being confused because the plot focused on a guy that was on trial for allegedly running down a little girl in the street with his vehicle. I was confused because I didn't realize we were dealing with the dark side, that is until the characters began speaking about doing terrible things with much pride and reverence, and anything right or good that was done was treated with an appalled reaction. 


Kids, this was a tale about morality. And I may be over analyzing or taking things too literally with this film, but in this day and age ESPECIALLY, with so many morally corrupt things happening in the world, when its so popular to be morally flexible while those who stand up and do the right thing are unpopular, frowned upon and basically verbally crucified at times by others, I personally felt this movie was making a statement as a reminder that there is Right and there is Wrong. And when it matters the most, it should be very cut and dry to choose to do what's right. Even if you're persecuted for it, even if everyone else is against you and telling you that you shouldn't rock the boat, even it's tough. Because doing the right thing isn't always easy. But it's worth it. 


And if anything, this movie really made me think about a quote from another film that happens to be a personal favorite of mine: Shutter Island. The quote I'm referring to is the very last line spoken at the very end of the film. And to me it's the most profound and also shares a lot of significance to what this short film is about in my mind...

"You know, this place makes me wonder...Which would be worse - to live as a monster, or to die as a good man?"

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