Lady In The Park Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"



Writer/Director: Serena Chloe Gardner

Starring: Peter Warnock, Jemma Lewis, Evelyn Lockley,
Lois Olivia Marshall, Abigail Parmenter

Running Time: 13 minutes

Genre: Drama

Rated: NR

Year: 2016

How It Can Be Seen: Coming Soon to VOD



Serena Chloe Gardner is best known for acting in a handful of short films, the horror comedy My Bloody Banjo (aka Banjo), directed by indie horror filmmaker Liam Regan, and the upcoming horror feature Gabriel Cushing at The Carnival of Sorrow. That aside, I'm exponentially excited to talk about Serena's new directorial debut drama she also wrote, Lady In The Park! For me, if the story is as strong as the performances are, I am all in with the film from beginning to finish! Finding out this story was based on something that actually happened in Birmingham, England in the 1960's, made this 13 minute short film just as impactful as it would've been had it been a full length feature. Perhaps even more so! With all the family drama films out there have been made, I can say with 100% certainty that Lady In The Park has been added to my personal list of All Time Favorites! The reason I am raving about this film is that at the core of the story itself, it contains something that every person, every Family can relate to. 


Peter Warnock and Jemma Lewis portray Alex and Gail Wilson, a married couple, whom along with their two daughters Vicky and Susie, have fallen on hard financial times. Alex struggles from day to day and does all he can to keep his family afloat. But as he finds out, it is much more difficult than he could possibly bare as his wife can take no more and decides to take the children and move out; he begins to spiral deeper down a rabbit hole of despair as he tries to get his family back. What's to follow slaps you across the face with tragedy and leaves you gutted! I must give up to all the actors and actresses who poured such strong genuine performances into such a contained time frame. You can't help but give your full attention to what's happening on screen. And I have to give mention to actress Abigail Parmenter who plays a waitress by the name of Annie who lends a helping hand to Alex in a time of need. I was very taken with her performance with just the few moments she had on screen as she radiates such compassion with her character, that I challenge you to watch her moment in the one scene she's in and not feel for Alex and not feel period. If this is Serena Chloe Gardner's first directed film, I eagerly and patiently await her next directed projects! Her command as a filmmaker can be seen in every moment of the picture.


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