Lucy is quiet. Lucy is reserved. Lucy is sexually repressed. But Lucy is about to explore her dark side in this vampiric thriller. This is a feature debut for writer/director Monica Demes. And I have to say that I was quite impressed! Now we've all seen enough Vampire movies to know that a great deal of them make them more fast paced, give them more action and horror (which means tons of blood and gore). But there are a chosen few that really take the route that plays more into the psychological horror of it. They really (pun intended) sink their teeth into the story and the characters; and Lilith's Awakening revels in that with ultra delight. Lucy is finding herself in a broken marriage and a lifeless job - Until a vampire named Lilith (Barbara Eugenia) pursues her through her dreams. But this awakens something within Lucy, something lurking, waiting to be liberated.


I felt the film was lead by a great cast who delivered some very natural performances, especially that of Sophia Woodward (who plays Lucy). She was so good conveying vulnerability, subtlety, and embracing the quietness of her character. I can only hope to see her in more projects after this! I also really, Really enjoyed the look of the film, which is all in black and white. But I have to address how frickin' cool it was that the only time you'll really see color is when the color red shows up. There are only a couple of films that do that, but I find it to be a great technique in times when you want to tell the audience that something in particular is important and they should pay attention. Ultimately I felt cinematographers Alfonzo James and Gregor Kresal just captured some stunning images that exquisitely play with the use of beautiful lighting! Aside from a captivating story, what you're actually watching should be aesthetically alluring and keep your eyes glued to the screen - Mission accomplished! Not to mention that Monica Demes has successfully achieved conducting and crafting a story about a woman who is explores and ultimately discovers another side of herself, by way of a vampire tale. 


Lilith's Awakening will be premiering TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA, June 11th at 11:45 pm. Keep your eyes peeled for this treat!



Lilith's Awakening Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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