There is one single piece of dialogue from the film that seems to encapsulate the work of Argentinian filmmaker Gaspar Noé - "I want to make movies out of blood, sperm, and tears. This is like the essence of life, and I think movies should contain that. They should be made of that.


That statement has been proven true time and time again throughout his work, including his first feature film, "I Stand Alone"; to his controversial picture "Irreversible" in which, albeit a powerful film, the viewer must sit through and stomach an 8 minute rape scene; to his surrealistic motion picture "Enter The Void", an eye opening first person account of their journey into what happens after they die. His newest release is called "Love", starring Karl Glusman, and fresh faces Aomi Muyock and Klara Kristin. This is one of several points in which I admire Gaspar not just as a filmmaker, but as an artist. His willingness and eagerness to bring aboard non-actors to help tell his story.


The story of "Love" is a tale that I'm sure 99% of the population can relate to on some level or in some way, shape or form. The story tells of a young American college student named Murphy who falls into a sexually based love triangle with two women named Electra and Omi that causes a rift in his already established relationship with Electra; then years down the road examines where it all went wrong.


The one thing that people should prepare themselves for when watching a Gaspar Noé film is his extremely forward approach to putting real sex on film. This is the 2nd of several reasons I admire Gaspar as a filmmaker and artist. His fearlessness to explore sexuality. Real sexuality, and everything that can and will surround it. Without turning his film into a porno. Which is an immediate thought and assumption that people, who just don't get what his intent is, tend to gravitate towards most.


In this picture he examines the several aspects of being involved in a relationship that's based on sex. The advantages, the downfalls, the highs, the lows, the moments that lead a person from lust to falling in love, and also the moments that can lead a person to heartbreak and jealousy. And Gaspar achieves this by examining the story and characters realistically, complete with real raw emotions. Sometimes so real and raw that it pushes forth such moments of intensity. As if you are watching real people going through this journey of love and heartbreak.


Gaspar's decision to film the movie in 3D came from his desire to fully immerse the audience (or viewer) into the story and the sexuality. And although I myself had not seen the film in 3D, I can only imagine how involved it would make me feel. Perhaps a tad too much during certain moments that come to mind. But the experience would be that much more effective because of the 3D viewing.


Overall it's a fantastic drama that is definitely worth a viewing if you are as fearless in watching it as Gaspar was in making it.


Love Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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