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Born in the war-torn wastelands of the desolate planet, Protogon 7, Nick grew up as a suburban kid who longed for city life. After moving to the thriving metropolis of Supai, Arizona, to become a personal chef for Mars, the god of war, Nick found his true calling when he was bitten by a radioactive businessman and developed a superhuman capacity for wheelin’ and dealin’. Today, Nick works the business end of Dark Comedy Productions as the co-founder and CEO; and when he's not alphabetizing kitchen appliances for the Illuminati, he can be found growing tomatoes in his greenhouse of solitude. He can be reached by Mose code, smoke signal, or yelling his name out an open window. If these methods fail, please contact him at nickg (at)



Nick G.

Susan’s boxing career came to an unfortunate end in the late 90’s when she was forcibly removed from all circuits for holding the world record of opponents she’s killed in the ring. While later holding various day jobs in the snorkeling industry and moonlighting as a tattoo artist for underprivileged children, Susan discovered after an intense conversation with her shoes that she had the psychic ability to read minds. Listening to advice from the voices in her head, Susan lead her co-producers onward to victory in developing Dark Comedy Productions as the one-stop spot for all things weird and awesome. Email Susan for all snorkel-boxing related inquiries at su-su (at)





Recently escaped from an undisclosed mental institution in a Hawaiian volcano, Anthony P began his career as a cartoon sketch artist in the anvil homicide office of the ToonTown Police Department. Many years and several head injuries later, he was placed on a government watch list for leaving his unattended luggage in too many public locations. As a cartoonist and comic-strip writer for Dark Comedy Productions, Anthony P now puts his talents to use by not burning coffee, hollowing out pumpkins for later use, and picking things off the floor with his toes. He can be hired by the hour to hold your sign at rallies, and can be reached at Anthonyp (at) to ask about quantum physics.





A ten year long search party found Phillip chewing on a film reel in a circus sideshow, where he became known as “The Man Who Only Speaks Movie Quotes.” Unable to communicate in the common vernacular, Phillip’s speech was made up entirely of dialogue bits from films throughout history. After a few years as a monster truck racer and one stint in professional hopscotch, Phillip grew a second bellybutton and became the in-house film critic for Dark Comedy Productions. His past is shrouded in mystery, but it is believed that it was during his teenage years that he left home to join a renegade group of nomadic television sets on the wrong side of the law. His body runs on film and TV related discussion, so email him for his daily sustenance at Phillipw (at)






Anthony P.

Phillip Wilcox

Beginning her career with a nomadic life on the road, Tristan was hired early on as a private hematologist for the traveling band of vampire entertainers, ‘The Happy Gurgling Headless Torso Fun time Family Band.” After finding her true calling as a mud pie baker, Tristan opened an erotic bakery in downtown Atlantis where she developed a once in a lifetime romance with world-renowned seahorse trainer and aquatic equestrian, [name not phonetically possible on land, so let’s call him Wolfgang.] Tristan and Wolfgang return to the surface every four years during the festival of Saint Volume: a two week long feast where participants scream and howl in each others’ faces as a celebration of friendship and tranquility. It was during one of these visits where she met Dark Comedy Productions, who very much enjoyed her work (really, they just needed an employee with a tail for tax purposes.) Now, Tristan lives happily ever after as a host, presenter, actress, and sometimes instigator of lingerie model angry mobs for the folks at Dark Comedy Productions. Her favorite ice-cream flavor is meatball. If you’re here because you found her missing pogo stick, please contact her on our blog.







Tristan R.

Classically trained in violin and extortion, Gene started his life of crime as an enforcer for the Australian based crime syndicate/string ensemble, the B-Flats, named so for their notorious use of piano-drop executions. Gene spent two hours in prison for tearing the tags off his mattresses, where he met his cellmate who would later turn out to become his Hollywood agent. After being cast in a leading role as a fungus spore in the critically acclaimed silent radio show, “Once Upon a Toenail,” Gene was introduced to Dark Comedy Productions at a nude skydiving event in Somalia to raise awareness about online piracy. As a writer for Dark Comedy Productions, Gene has developed a love for conundrums, but a fear of paradoxes. Nicknamed, the “Gene Von Banyard of our generation,” Gene uses his hyper senses and Olympic level reflexes to produce engaging, entertaining content on a regular basis. Gene also performs at birthday parties and funerals; for a full list of his skills and services, contact him on our blog.





Gene Von Banyard

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