The Midnight After (2014) film thoughts... I am not a follower of director Fruit Chan's work too much, only knowing him from the Films 3 Extremes and his expansion of his segment, "Dumplings". I read the listing on The Midnight After and it did sound interesting, plus seeing that classic Hong Kong actors Simon Yam and Suet Lam were in it, I was going to be checking it out. One evening in a busy section of Hong Kong, a bus driver, substituting for a friend he owes money to, picks up a group of various people to take to another part of the area. After driving through a long tunnel, something very strange happens and everyone besides themselves seems to have vanished. Soon, a few of them start to die in random horrible ways and the remainder of the group try to piece things together. What is causing this strange event? Who is the mysterious man in the gas mask who keeps running away? Will anybody survive this night?


It's safe to say that this film, while the basic plot has been done a million ways before, is not conventional at all and extremely confusing at times. All the characters do seem to have something they have done wrong in their past that has randomly brought them together. As you watch the film, most of it gets pieced together, though when it comes right down to it, it's an art house horror/sci-fi/mystery/comedy hybrid. It goes from moments of extremely gore and death to silliness to hard drama. Thankfully, due to a group of very talented actors, it hold the weird premise together enough to sustain interest. The running time is over 2 hours like most modern Hong Kong films and it does drag a bit at certain parts. I am still trying to figure out how they got all the scenes with nobody around in the city. Overall, it's going to be a light recommend for me, because I did find it interesting...not enough though for a second viewing. If you like The Twilight Zone, this is like a expensive 2+ hour episode.


The Midnight After Movie Review


by Dave Koenig "A Fiend On Film"


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