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by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"

Right off the bat the movie brings a smile to your face as you can hear the Minions begin to sing the Universal theme music. So right away you know you'll be laughing a lot! And it holds up throughout the movie! From the smallest jokes to the bigger-than-life cartoony slapstick sequences, the comedy and the heart carries you with maximum delight from beginning to finish. Even during the first few minutes of the end credits you get continuous humor.



Those lovable little yellow creatures called Minions and their obsession with bananas are back! And this time we get to know their origin story, how they came to be, what they're sole purpose of living is and just how many there are! Their purpose of living: To follow and serve religiously the most despicable, villainous being on planet earth. And much to their dismay and many failed attempts to serve famous wicked villains throughout history, they are left to their own devices to live their own lives. 



Only problem is, they become depressed when they're not serving their purpose. That is until one Minion named Stuart takes a stand and upon himself to conjure up a plan to go out into the world and find their villain - Of course with the assistance of two other Minions named Kevin and Bob, Many, many miles traveled, the three Minions take on a exciting road trip and find their way to New York City and then to Orlando, Florida where they meet the ultimate villain. And her name is, appropriately enough, Scarlett Overkill (along with her goofy narcissist husband Herb Overkill). They conjure up a risky heist in London and their patsies are Stuart, Kevin and Bob! But no matter what hot water they get themselves into, their infinite cuteness, odd innocence and naivety manages to help them out of tough spots!



Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, Allison Janney, Steve Coogan, Jennifer Saunders, Geoffrey Rush and the return of Steve Carell are just some of the talents you'll get in this movie who are lending their voices and their comedic brilliance! And one thing that is wonderfully different is Sandra Bullock playing an animated villain! Her and everyone in the entire cast brought so many laughs and talent to the movie that you really do forget who's playing whom! All you know is these characters are all riots and they all take you on a fun ride for an hour and a half! Co-director Pierre Coffin lends his voice playing all of the Minions! 



What I find so wonderfully fascinating about those little guys is that when they speak, they speak mainly gibberish with some English thrown in. And yet you're able to fill in what you don't understand and somehow comprehend what they're talking about! Which I have to say, their language must have been a hoot to write for the film's screenwriter Brian Lynch! I can only imagine what the fun challenges were for that! Nonetheless, Brian Lynch as well as Co-Director Kyle Balda, did a phenomenal job balancing heart and comedy whilst creating that whole world during the late 60's. And speaking of the late 60's, I cannot even forget to mention the amazing soundtrack this animated gem has - Mainly all music from the British Invasion Era! 



This charming movie has everything that speaks to the kids as well as the adults! It is truly buckets of fun for the whole family!



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