MOTHER! (Trailer Review)​


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


n 1998 I saw a film by the name of Pi that really shifted my perspective on the meaning of horror film. Up until that point I really only knew "horror" as being mainly slasher flicks. If you had a body count you had a horror flick. But the more genre films I saw the more I realized that there were Multiple sub-genres in the horror category. The 90's was a decade filling to the brim, close to overflowing, with what people were referring to as Independent Cinema. Sure, studio films were still around the Indie Films were blowing and coursing through the veins of Film Festivals. Darren Aronofsky was one artist who was part of that generation of filmmaking. A filmmaker who most certainly marched to the beat of his own drum. 


Aronofsky is a storyteller/filmmaker that knows the kind of horror that isn't about getting under people's skin but the kind of horror that buries itself into deepest crevices of a person's psyche. It's psychological torment by way of exposing things to us that we as human beings face everyday. Whether it be addiction (Requiem For A Dream), obsession (Pi), or self doubt (Black Swan). Now, granted Requiem For A Dream was a film based on a book, and that book was considered dark and depressing, Aronofsky brought a horrific element to his adaptation that really shook people to their core by the end of the film. And anyone who sees it will attest to how difficult it is to forget that movie once they've seen it. It stays with you. And I truly believe that has a lot to do with the fact that it's psychological horror, as opposed to a slasher movie that, unless done REALLY well, is there to entertain and dissipates from memory after a little while. And believe me I'm sure there are slasher flicks that I have seen but didn't really do anything to stick with me. Most are, by My definition, momentary fleeting pieces of entertainment to serve as eye candy for an hour and a half and then to become lost relics within the history of cinema.


I heard briefly some time ago that Darren Aronofsky was to come out with a new film. I was instantaneously filled with inner-excitement. It didn't even matter what exactly was the film he would release because in my eyes there hadn't been a Darren Aronofsky movie that had let me down yet, and I just knew that whatever it was going to be, I'd love it. "Mother!" is the title of his new film. Its teaser trailer had me begging for more. And more was given in its first official trailer. I began to see it as a puzzle that we're not yet allowed to see the full scope of as one bit picture. Just recently a second official trailer was released, and much like the first, it gave us a few more puzzle pieces to make us think and wonder. I have my theories as to what the story is about, but more than anything, I am more excited to see the film in its entirety when it comes out next month in September! Check out both official trailers and let us know what you think the film is about!

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