Mother Of Beauty Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


I want to start this review with talking about Silent Films because I believe it ties into this particular picture. I grew up watching the old black and white silent films along with whatever other films I was exposed to of the 70's, 80's & 90's. So I learned to appreciate silence, as far as talking, in cinema, what kind of affect that can have on a film, and even how important it can be. Now days, it's all about sound. The film needs to sound good in order to be considered a well made film. But back in the infancy of cinema, sound in film hadn't even been invented or even thought about. It was more of an after thought of adding in some music to cover up the fact that the ability of hearing the characters speak wasn't a possibility. I'm talking about this topic because I felt this short film called The Mother Of Beauty, starring the incomparable chameleon character-actress Tristan Risk (American Mary, Frankenstein Created Bikers, Save Yourself), was so powerful that even though this film does have sounds - Ambient sounds of nature and everything else, it could've EASILY played without sound (and just kept the music) and it would've been just as powerful and poignant as it is now. Not a word of dialogue is spoken in this picture. It doesn't need it! The narrative and actions that play out through out the film is more than sufficient enough to satisfy you emotionally. Part of it is due it being incredibly well written by Lonnie Nadler, part of it is the expertly crafted direction of Nick Meunier, but I really have to give it up to Tristan Risk for radiating such a subtle yet engrossing performance as she plays Helena. A woman who uses dead animals to create art, but she's also pregnant. And there's never any torment when she creates her art. It's done so in the most peaceful, loving way. Essentially, as she has a home in the lush forest, she uses nature and death to create art. And there in that lies beauty. After she gives birth to her child she has to learn to cope with motherhood and being creative. And there is where I need to stop talking about the film because where it goes, it just deals with so many themes like light and darkness, nature and nurture, love, life, and death. And it does so in such a thought provoking and impactful way. The music sounded and felt as beautiful and organic as the locations this film was shot in. I saw the film 3 different times and each time it brought me to tears as it was such a punch to the gut and a tug at the ol' heart strings. The Mother Of Beauty was poetry come to life on film. I cannot praise this picture enough and I sincerely hope to see more films by Nick Meunier! DO keep your eyes peeled for this one! 

Writer: Lonnie Nadler

Director: Nick Meunier

Starring: Tristan Risk & Wynter West

Rated: Not Rated

Running Time: 21 minutes 20 seconds

Genre: Drama/Short

Country/Language: Canada/English

Year: 2016

How It Can Be Seen: Coming Soon!


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