Zac Efron and Seth Rogen are back for the second installment of the hit comedy, Neighbors! And this time they're teaming up to battle the likes of...what? A sorority who has moved in next door and could ruin the possibility of Seth's character and his wife of selling their home? Yeah I know it seems non-threatening upon hearing about it, but I wouldn't scoff if I were you. This particular Sorority is lead by Chloe Grace Moretz! Much like the Fraternity that seemed harmless in the first movie, shit gets out of control and comically violent. Not the kind of violence that would make you concerned. But the kind that is just outrageously comical and full of slapstick fun! What makes this just as fun and even hilarious is that everything is taken to another degree of insanity; including the jokes! There were times where I wondered how they got away with some of the jokes in the movie. But hey, it's coming from the mind of Seth Rogen, so I know I was in good hands.


The man just knows what works as comedy, and what doesn't! Many of you do not know this unless you're a big, huge, hulking fan of his. But at the tender age of 13, back when he lived in Canada, Seth started out doing stand up! So when I say he knows what he's doing when it comes to comedy, believe me I'm telling you the truth. I always thought Rose Byrne was a great dramatic actress when I first saw her in the early 2000's in films like Troy and Wicker Park. But it wasn't until she began working with Seth and his friends, on their other movies, I felt as though her comedy chops have no doubt evolved over time! She's definitely grown as a comedy actress and I can't wait to see what else she does in the future! Typically, in her past films, Chloe Moretz has mostly done more serious movies. But I felt this was the first time I had seen her in a comedy like this! And I thought she did so well! She really held her own working with Seth, and she really made a lot of the jokes work. I sure would love to see her in more comedic roles! It would be great. Though this movie had me in stitches all the way through, it was absolutely an adult comedy. For those who haven't seen the first movie, do so and you'll know what I'm talking about. Just because it's a funny movie doesn't mean it's meant for kids. I've had a few people actually ask me if it's age appropriate. To that I replied to them, "I'm sorry, have you never seen a Seth Rogen movie before? 90% of his comedy, if not all of it, is SO not age appropriate!". I mean even his upcoming animated movie, Sausage Party, is filled with adult language, violent overtones, drug reference (no surprise there given he's an open and frequent pot smoker), and I'm sure there will be some sexual innuendos sprinkled through out. That's just his style though! So for those who are wondering, I'll just say this right now from jump street so there is no further confusion: Seth Rogen = 90% Chance of Adult Comedy. Unless he's doing someone else's animated flicks like Monsters Vs. Aliens or Kung Fu Panda. All in all, this was a laugh riot. Totally a fun movie to check out in theaters now! 



Neighbors II Sorority Rising Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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