The title of this film, directed by indie horror movie maestro James Cullen Bressack, (who has other titles under his belt such as the controversial Hate Crime, To Jennifer [which is a brilliantly impressive psychological horror movie that you can watch on Amazon and that happens to be entirely shot on an iPhone] & 13/13/13) is quite fitting for this particular movie/story; seeing as how everything terrible does happen gradually and subtly - Until the horror does propel out of control!



3 beautiful young women travel to Thailand on a program to teach the children out there. Ok first of all, Only In the Movies, Ladies and Gentlemen! And I laugh as I think back on that for two reasons: 1.) That NEVER happens. So it creates an unrealistic and unrelatable world that we are plunged into. 2.) You NEVER see these young women do any teaching of any kind to any kids in the country of Thailand in this movie.



And of course in any horror movie, if you're going to have a group of characters you have to the one female character who is more thoughtful, level-headed, responsible, faithful to her boyfriend and not at all a promiscuous party girl like her friends. This character was named Julia, played very sweetly by Emily O'Brien.



Her two friends Alex and Rachel (played convincingly by Ciara Hanna and Jackie Moore), who also happen to be sisters in the film, and seem to be more concerned with partying than teaching kids, drag Julia to a club to have a girl's night out, and in turn end up taking 3 very annoyingly misogynistic British dudes back to their rented home for an after party party. A flask with some very questionable alcohol gets passed around to each of the girls, things get a little fuzzy and then a black out. And right away you think the girls are in for a really bad night - But on the contrary it is the guys who wake up tied to chairs only to be Brutally tortured, maimed and murdered by each of the girls. What caused this prolonged night of terror?



Unbeknownst to Julia, Alex and Rachel, their home was once the setting for a twisted sacrifice and the murder of a little girl who ultimately got turned into a gold statue. And now her vengeful spirit is out for blood!



James Cullen Bressack did an excellent job capturing the beautiful and lush landscapes of Thailand, and yet also capturing the creepiness and the horror that gradually crawls itself in and plagues the young women.



Aside from a few holes in the script, plot-wise, and its ending, which feels to be a little rushed and fragile, its writers James Cullen Bressack and co-writer Taryn Hillin crafted a sturdy (a little wobbly but sturdy nonetheless) supernatural genre movie with enough sustainable gore to keep you hooked! It's definitely worth a watch though if all you're looking to do is cuddle up on the couch at night with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy a cool horror flick!



Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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