POD (2015) film thoughts... I know a couple of other reviewers checked this one out and sort of liked it, and for me also knowing one of my favorite modern actresses, Lauren Ashley Carter, was in it, I wanted to see for myself. The story begins with a man hunting something. After seeing his dog get torn apart by something unknown, he freaks out and starts firing wildly. He hits something... Flash forward to Ed arriving at his sister's house to get her to come and get Martin (the guy from the beginning) out of the house in the woods. It seems Martin has a problem stemming from his involvement in the army, something happened to put him in the psych ward. He might be having a flashback/relapse. The two make it up to the cabin and find the windows all blocked up and the door taped up. Martin is definitely freaking out, with moments of clarity, during which he proceeds to tell them he has "something" locked up in the basement...


After finally getting to see this one for myself, I don't agree with most reviewers that it is too "talky". It is set, for the most part in one very small location and you need to have a lot of dialogue to keep things moving. All the actors I felt were great, Dean Cates as Ed was the annoying brother who "knows it all", Brian Morvant's Martin was what you expected to be, a bit deranged and of course, I may be bias but Lauren Ashley Carter as Lyla was the strongest part...I don't know where she found the continuous energy in that small frame of her. Loved the expressions she could get on her face. The film had a nice look to it and damn, I didn't expect a couple of things that happened in the film. The music by Giona Ostinelli was very cool, very 1970's made for TV horror style (it is set in the late 1970's/early 80's), I really need to seek out more of his work. So all in all, it's a film on a very small budget that delivers. I am not sure that it would want me to check out Mickey Keating's first film, Ritual, but who knows. Don't get waylaid by the crappy cover art, POD is a solid film.


POD Movie Review


by Dave Koenig "A Fiend On Film"


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