One of the more recent horror short films by Izzy Lee is Postpartum - A brief psychological horror that takes a peek into the mind of a new mother during her psychotic break or Postpartum Depression, when a neighbor investigates a rancid odor coming from her neighbor's place! It stars Diana Porter, who is no stranger to working with the talented Izzy; and Kasey Lansdale, who plays her part as Holly, the mother, very well, as well as convincingly I might add!


For me, there are some short films that you are glad they are over - And then there are some short films where you wonder where the time went, and wished there was more to watch. Postpartum definitely falls in the latter category! In this short horror flick, it brings the creepy - And not to mention a chilling reveal! As a fan of the short films Izzy Lee has been making and unleashing upon us, I can say with great confidence that the day she comes out with a feature film, is the day we'll be graced with tremendous horror treat!


Postpartum Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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