It's good to be the queen. If you happen to be Crystal Precious, and you are the Queen Of Sass, then it's a really good thing. It's been a busy year for the BC recording artist and 'strip-hop' emcee. From hosting and heading festivals that range from burlesque to outdoor electronic music, this lady has been all over her kingdom. Her first EP "Striphop" has been released on the East Van Digital label, which is also home to her producer, Ben Ulis, aka Self Evident.



If you are not 'au fait' with the legend that is Crystal Precious, allow me to introduce this darling of both the underground cabaret and also party scene in Vancouver. She is a hip hop vocalist with an Etta James twist, burlesque icon, 3rd wave feminista, and sass injector. She is a founding member of Sweet Soul Burlesque, and the weekly femme-cee at the Keefer bar's Sweet Sip Thursdays in the heart of Vancouver's Chinatown. She has been instrumental in helping the West Coast burlesque and electronic music scene develop through her work with various festivals and shows for over a decade and has released her new remaster EP.



Crystal Precious came to many people's attentions with the release of her Apple Pie video, featuring the ladies of Sweet Soul Burlesque. Over 100 apple pies were destroyed in the making of the video, and had people virally singing out the song's catchy hook, 'No pie for you!'. The video was shot and edited by Stuart MacKay-Smith, who's work can be seen for DC funk outfit, Fort Knox Five. A crowd-sourcing campaign is currently in the works to shoot the next video, slated for later in 2015 which will feature not just the members of Sweet Soul burlesque, but other Vancouver-based female dance troupes such as the Subscura and Luciterra collectives. The original video for Apple Pie can be viewed here:



The EP can be downloaded from East Van Digital here: Download the EP:



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