As an avid film watcher, movie lover and cinema connoisseur, when I'm being introduced to a filmmaker and their work for the first time, first impressions mean a lot! On one hand I go in watching a film with a clean slate and zero expectations. It allows me to view the first 15 minutes of a film objectively, and I will either be pulled in by the story in that amount of time and I will view the rest of the film subjectively; or the picture will lose me and my interest. Which for me will be a tragedy because I love the experience of watching a movie I'd never heard of for the very first time.



In the case of actor/director Anthony Brownrigg, it is a shame that I had not been exposed to any films he had starred in or made earlier. But my philosophy is: Better late than never. I am quite pleased though that my introduction to his work happened to be his 2008 psychological horror movie Red Victoria, starring himself as a frustrated writer named Jim who only wants to be taken seriously in the world of literature, until he is backed into a corner and given the only option: Write something that sells; a horror novel - Something that he evidently knows nothing about. Agonizing over his first project for weeks he is at his wits' end and wakes up one night to find what can only be described as a corpsified malevolent spirit seductress in his home named Victoria, played beautifully by Arianne Margot, who acts as his twisted muse in a matter of speaking. What follows is a humorous unhinged odyssey of a writer's decent. 



Aside from a couple of technical aspects of the movie that distracted me here and there throughout, what I loved about this film is its ability to tell a horror story psychologically but at the same time be completely capable to have a lot of fun and not take the horror aspect too seriously. The performances also really shine through - As Anthony Brownrigg was able to successfully and hysterically find the humor in the dark moments, and still be able to draw it back and find those dramatic moments within the satire as well. Arianne Margot I felt she pulled off a deliciously evil performance as Victoria, and still somehow maintains this odd sexiness to that character. As it is occurs to me at this very moment she is the strange calm to Jim's constant panic mode - The sheer brilliance of that is what makes the ending, as well as the entire movie, a revelation in its own right! I highly recommend this movie, as it works on so many levels! You'll definitely have fun, just as I did, watching this film!


Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"



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