Who matters most to you? Who can you really trust? These are just a few questions that are asked of the viewer when watching this dark drama. This story focuses on a society where a deadly virus has consumed millions of people and it turns them in zombie like creatures. However a doctor named Kate, who lives with a traumatic past, is part of a movement in medicine that creates a drug that helps suppress the symptoms of this virus, on top of that her current personal life revolves around a man she's in a relationship with named Alex, that is part of a group of people called The Returned. These are the people that have managed to survive the virus by having it being caught in time.



I find the story extremely well written and the film crafted with class, and here's why. The story could've easily turned into a straight forward zombie fest. Instead they steer clear of even using the word "zombie", in fact it's only mentioned once or twice. Which tells you a lot about which direction the film wants to take you. It doesn't want you to concentrate on the creatures or really even the virus, though it is the main focus of all of the characters. Instead the story wants you, the viewer, to focus on the characters themselves. The entire picture, the story, centers around people. Which circles back to the first 2 questions that were asked in the beginning - Who matters most to you & Who can you really trust? It isn't the virus or the threat of becoming an unrecognizable zombified like creature - It is the other people around you.



Personally I cannot view this film as a straight horror flick. There are certainly bits and pieces of that element sprinkled through out the picture, but guaranteed this is a different breed of this genre. Human drama definitely takes the driver's seat. The look and color palette of the actual film is quite bleak and dark and that really sets the tone for the kind of world you are introduced to. Until the end of the movie and that look changes. The performances blew me away - Having recognized some key players like the talented Canadian born Emily Hampshire (most notably known for the comedy My Awkward Sexual Adventure, which if you haven't seen I totally recommend it. And also has been part of the new Television Series spin off of 12 Monkeys) and Shawn Doyle (Who you'd recognize from such films like the Dennis Quaid/Jim Caviezel sci-fi drama Frequency, the Michael Douglas thriller Don't Say A Word and co-starring with Kate Beckinsale in Whiteout - All great movies) -- It was a real treat to see them in this movie!



Major kudos to writer Hatem Khraiche and director Manuel Carballo for creating and crafting a first rate dramatic thriller! If you're anything like me, someone who craves films that not only stimulate your eyes but also your emotions and mind, then you will want to check out this motion picture for sure!



Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"

The Returned

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