Rites Of Vengeance Review​


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


Another one of Izzy Lee's short films that's making noise is Rites Of Vengeance - About a trio of nuns who take justice into their own hands when their priest has committed a terrible crime.  Silvia Graziano plays what seems to be the leader of the three nuns, and she is credited as being called Sister Of Mercy. Which is quite the ironic name being that her character has none when it comes to payback. It's clear, and I can certainly see that there is quite a bit of intense emotionality as the plot deals with such heavy subject matter like sexual abuse at the hands of a clergyman. The payback itself as well as the emotion, it all finds its way bubbling towards the surface. However, with a running time of just 5 minutes, it's incredibly challenging to find much satisfaction in the payback as it is over just as quickly as the reveal of what the priest has done. Being a big fan of the Revenge genre in film, and having seen quite a few of them in my time, one thing is certain that works every single time. And that is, as revolting as it may seem, the viewer Needs to see the wronging of a victim, and it needs to hit the viewer hard. It is then that the viewer is overwhelmed with a sense of wanting revenge to happen to the character who committed their crime, and to have justice for the victim. I need to be emotionally invested in the victim. It is a simple case of Demand & Supply. We Demand Revenge, The Victim (or sometimes another character) Supplies it. In this genre, the equation goes as such: Demand + Supply = Satisfaction. And I wished I could say I was completely and utterly satisfied after the movie ended. I had a small taste of it, but ultimately it just fell short a little. But it's not to say I was totally unhappy with the film, there were some positive aspects to it that I enjoyed! The cinematography and lighting was beautiful, they really kept my eyes glued to what I was watching. And Silvia Graziano's performance laid a solid foundation to make you take notice of her character. And for a film that contained zero dialogue, Silvia was fully capable of conveying so much with her face and her eyes, that she really did carry the emotional weight of the film on her back. And for that I must applaud her. So in closing, even though I wished there had been a little more time put into developing the characters and executing what happened in the film, overall I felt that was a solid film with some definite highlights to take away.

Writer/Director: Izzy Lee

Starring: Silvia Graziano, Michael Thurber, Stee McMorris, Heather Buckley, Thorben Stone, Ada Storey

Rated: Not Rated

Running Time: 5 minutes

Genre: Crime/Horror

Country/Language: USA/English

Year: 2017

How It Can Be Seen: Coming Soon


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