To answer this we must look at Scientology's influence today and how it came to be. The first aspect of Scientology to take into consideration is the fact that it is the youngest religion, of note, in the world today. For example, its founder L. Ron. Hubbard, science fiction author with over 1,000 publications, naval man and influential societal figure, had to in fact add the L. to his name throughout his writing career because there was already a Ron Hubbard in the writers guild, or to put it simply, he had a driver's license.


            Hubbard then wrote a book entitled “Dianetics” and simultaneously developed a set of ideas and practices that would influence the West like no other religion since Roman Catholicism and the Holy Bible. Through the development of dianetics (a type of mind control and subversion of psychoanalysis and criminal investigation techniques) and the ever increasing growth of scientology and its numbers, its connections to state officials and celebrities, Hubbard was able to gain a tax exemption by registering Scientology as a religion and with the construction of The Church of Scientology in the state of New Jersey in 1954, a cultural, religious, corporate juggernaut was born.


            Today Scientology is the fastest growing religion in the world and has centres spread throughout the globe. The greatest movie star in the world, Tom Cruise, acts as their 'Global Ambassador' and there are many other Hollywood notable in their ranks.  British state officials have defended their status as a certified religion and not a 'cult' with hidden secrets and a dark, albeit juvenile history. The French group Miviludes, con-scribed by the French Government to quash any insurgence of 'cult; like  formation or activity within French society, have given Scientology a free pass and have never formally investigated any allegations held against them. And why is this the case?


            It is because Scientology (with its 'dianteics', 'auditing', mind control and cosmic space opera mythology composed by a tyrannical author of fiction) is a corporation pure and simple and a powerful one at that. And politicians and neo-cons, and their invisible totems to Moloch i.e corporations, is where we today give praise and worship to our new God, Money. And Scientology will continue to make an extraordinary amount of money, gain more followers and spread its global, cultural influence. It will infiltrate its ways further into other corporations, conglomerates and political bodies alike. And why? Because it obscures its true purpose, like the Roman Catholic Church before them, with the idea of personal betterment and sense of hope for a better life for lost individuals in a sick world. As christains were once 'saved' the scientologist is made 'clear' and has begun their path to a pain free eternity. And if this continues, if Scientology's influence grows and it further infiltrates the OT levels of the social elite, then who can fairly say, that Scientology itself will not have its own Inquisition and Crusade?


The New Church of the State


by Gene Von Banyard



          The division of church and state is a relatively new state of affairs. Once, there was the Roman Catholic Church and in terms of leaders of men, there was no higher ruling power apart from God himself and the Roman Catholic Church used this widespread deferment to their faith to their utmost advantage. They conquered a great part of the known world and spread fear and terror through its crusades and inquisitions and left it's indelible mark on western culture on centuries to come. Eventually the age of superstition and fear gave way to the cultural enlightenment of the Renaissance and the influence of the Roman Catholic Church on society and their influence on the rulings of state began to fade. And eventually, the division between state and church was officially ratified but was that merely a formal affair? Is there a new, more subtle and sinister connection between the Church & State and does this new coalition serve the same, diabolical purpose as centuries past?


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