Old Victorian porcelain dolls are one of a handful of things that naturally creep me out. Their vacant constant opened eyes plastered on their pale faces. Have them sitting in the dark in the same room as I am in, or lying in the moonlight at night and you'll have cowering under the covers. Ventriloquist puppets run at a close second, trailing not too far behind old porcelain dolls. Sure, comedian Jeff Dunham is fully capable of making his puppets funny. But the mere idea of them, the fact that one minute they belong to a part of someone's psyche, and they come to life, and the next minute they're not. They're lifeless. But what if the puppet had a life of its own, running around with malicious intent? Earlier this year the thriller "The Boy", that dealt with a doll, examined that with psychological delight. And now, 6 months later I am confronted with seeing another fabulous film that explored such a subject!


This particular film, eerily and ominously entitled "Silently Within Your Shadow", successfully crafted by writer/director Scott Lyus, delves into such a world so organically and without struggle! It tells the story of a Ventriloquist by the name of Lucette (Sophie Tergeist) is awfully close to her puppet, Hugo (voiced by the incomparable Bill Moseley). So much so that it is hindering her relationship with her real life boyfriend, Jace (Byron Fernandes). Which could lead to some very bad things. Even at Jace's breaking point, you want to think that Lucette is just insane. But Sophie plays her with the purest form of endearment that it's a justified distraction! Sturdy performances all around in addition to well rounded characters equals a durable foundation for the unequivocal creep factor to really sink into the film! I counted twice this picture made me shutter with goosebumps; and therein lies the true effective horror of what is happening! I am overjoyed that this short was my introduction to the work of Scott Lyus - A new filmmaker has been added to my list of favorites!





Silently Within Your Shadow Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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