Some Kind Of Hate (2015) film thoughts... I rarely blind buy films but the other day I did actually pick up one that I literally didn't know a thing about. It's a first film by director Adam Egypt Mortimer and has a cast of young folks who I am not sure of their other work. It focuses on a teenager Lincoln, who you are quickly brought up to speed is a troubled youth who nobody "understands". After a bullying event at his high school (which he turns the tables on his tormentors), he is sent to a desert readjustment camp with other youths. It's one of those new age type places who thinks they have all the answers and is an alternative to jail. He soon finds himself the target of more bullying and somehow resurrects the spirit of a girl who committed suicide years before. Her name is Moira and she helps seek "revenge" on his tormentors, with each victim, she becomes stronger and has a more physical form. One day after much death, Lincoln wants her to stop...but she doesn't want to.


I have to say even though there are many stories/films similar to Some Kind Of Hate, there is something on how the character of Moira is written and presented to us, that make it a bit different. The ambiguous nature of Moira is interesting and within the quick low budget nature of the film, it works. You don't "need to know" why she is there or how she came to be. She, just like all the characters in the film, is looking to be understood and loved and is stuck in a confused state. Her pain is others pain, her personal torment is she needs to bleed so others can. I loved that part and the killing gets nasty, as it is all happening twice. The gore is a mix of practical and CGI (which is not distracting) and well done. The filming style is modern and a bit too clean but that is to be expected these days with young directors. The acting and writing could also be better though the overall idea for me covers that well. I'm sure there was an extremely short shoot and they had to move things along quickly. So I'm somewhat on the fence on Some Kind Of Hate. It is better than average, has a great idea/character there and is probably the best thing RLJ has released thus far. Does it make me look forward to the director's next project with high anticipation? Not really. I will be keeping it in the DVD collection as I will want to see it again. (As a note, even though there is no rating on the film, other than the extreme gore at times, this is in all essence a PG-13 film)


Some Kind of Hate Movie Review


by Dave Koenig "A Fiend on Film"


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