Southbound (2015) film thoughts... I only recently found out about this film and was excited to know it was an horror anthology, a style I love. Five tales interwoven together in a desolate desert setting with Larry Fessenden voice as a radio DJ (reminiscent of voice overs of other anthology shows like The Twilight Zone or The Hitchhiker) guiding us through the proceedings. Who lives? Who dies? Is there any escape from this long and winding road heading South?


As an overall film, I found Southbound to be very intriguing. It has a vague and nightmarish nature throughout, we don't know why this is happening to the people involved? Most have seemly done some misdeeds in their past but for others it doesn't seem so, they are just trapped in a bad situation. Everything across the board here is well done, from the acting, the filming/editing, special effects (maybe in am in the lone camp but I loved the floating "dead things") and the music reminded me of something out of Tales From The Darkside. The filmmakers have had their collective hands in other anthologies (look it up) so they have a strong idea on how to do these right. No stand out story though but as a whole, Southbound tried something different and for me succeeded on that. I will definitely be buying this on DVD when available, as it's a keeper for sure.

SouthBound Movie Review


by Dave Koenig "A Fiend on Film"


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