As Oscar Sunday has come and gone in the blink of an eye, I think it's safe to say that, for me anyway, the winner of Best Motion Picture came to me as quite a big surprise. Not necessarily a bad surprise! Just a surprise. Now some of you may have seen the film Spotlight so I'm curious as to the thoughts of those of you who watched the Oscars on Spotlight winning! For me it was a fleeting feeling of shock, because it was a film I had every intention of seeing but never got to - And there it was, winner of Best Motion Picture at the 88th Academy Awards. It really solidified my need to see the film even more. I mean, I really needed to see it before, but this just gave that feeling a violent shove over the edge


The film tells the story of a small team of people that work for the Boston Globe known as Spotlight. And while others who work at the Globe have short specific deadlines, this team will work  for however long it takes to deliver that one story that absolutely NEEDS to be told. It isn't until a new editor for the paper has been hired, when one seemingly isolated article of a Priest who gets caught sexually abusing kids gets brought to light in a meeting. The Spotlight team is asked to pursue the story and dig into it. What they unearth through their investigation leads them to the discovery of an epidemic of sexually abused children at the hands of priest - Dozens upon dozens of unresolved cases, just in Boston alone!


I like to think that there are different types of horror. You have your slasher movies, which relies solely on body count. Then you have your psychological horror movies, one that feels much more viable and visceral and easier to identify with as a human being. And then there are these kinds of horror movies, which I like to refer to as "Soul-Crushing Horror". Something that seems to be ripped from the headlines, something that happens that's so horrific in nature. No there isn't a slue of dead bodies in the typical horror movie fashion, and yes, this movie is indeed classified as a drama. And a very well crafted one at that! But what is uncovered is truly horrifying in its own right. Especially when it happens to be entirely factual and something that actually happened.


The cast is superbly hand-picked, as you have such talent as: Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Mark Ruffalo, Liev Schreiber, John Slattery, and Stanley Tucci (just to name a few). At this point you know you're in the hands of the big leagues, which performers who take what they do seriously, especially with a story like this! The story hits you directly in the gut, leaving you breathless for the entire duration of the film! It conjures a whole mosaic of emotions while forcing you to give pause and think. And it does so without insulting your intelligence as a viewer. It Wants your opinion. It Wants you to be involved and create a discussion as a person who is following this story and these characters - Who happen to be deeply rooted in very real people who went through this and made those terrible discoveries.


The direction is masterful in the hands of writer/director Tom McCarthy, whom you may recognize in an array of starring roles in popular films. But I think what you'd be surprised to know is that he's also had a budding yet also successful career as a writer and director in the world of Independent Films! I think this particular story and film, in Spotlight, was one that really only could've been told through Tom. Because his forte is in telling stories about People, and does so expertly and with such intensity and raw emotion here. So really, after watching this motion picture, it made such perfect sense that the film would win an Oscar for such a category! And I couldn't have been happier having purchased a copy of it on Blu-ray!


Spotlight can now be seen on VOD such as Amazon and VUDU as well as DVD/Blu-ray!



Spotlight Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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