Upon my first arrival at the local theater and walking in those front doors, there was a palpable amount of energy residing within the walls of that theater! Fans of the franchise discussing the past films and their excitement over the new film! And then there was the cosplay going on. I wasn't sure if these people were hired to dress up for the theater, or if they worked at the theater and was asked to dress up. Either way, these costumes were authentic, awe-inspiring and only fueled the excitement in the air! I knew it was going to be nuts, and I wasn't sure if there was going to be any tickets left to buy, knowing there would be many people already having reserved their tickets months in advance, but alas I was able to reserve a ticket and decided then that it was vital I bring my 4 year old nephew with me to experience this.


When I got him and brought him back with me, seeing the sheer insane level of excitement he was unleashing before me made me realize just how special these films were. For better or for worse, whether people enjoyed them or not, they brought joy to children and adults alike, whose imaginations have not yet been diminished by the outside world. Before I showed the original George Lucas films to my nephew I never would've pegged him as the sort who would be into those kinds of films, but there's something in those movies. Whether it's the epic classic story line of good and evil, the colorful and lively characters, John Williams' beautiful and magnificently gargantuan score, or simply the fantasy of such things happening "in a galaxy far, far away". Or maybe just a majestic combination of them all!


Without giving a single shred of detailed information away, I will summarize: For those who aren't familiar with the original story - An evil empire is set out to rule the galaxy, and it is common knowledge that while there is and always be good, there is also evil.  So for a long time there was a great battle between Jedi's/The Resistance and The Darkside. This film takes place decades after the fall of the Evil Empire. And of course, to reiterate what I said, while there is good there will always be evil and vice versa. So there is a new evil to be fought, and all of the old beloved characters from the original films, along with new and exciting characters, come back to fight a new evil called The First Order!


Every single element in the production of The Force Awakens came together quite beautifully that, if there were a "Movie God", this motion picture had been certainly blessed with its divine sanctity! Everything from Costumes, The Musical Score, The Writing, The Direction, The Performances. I mean, let's touch base a little bit on how amazing the cast was! All those with major roles: Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver; to those who had smaller supporting roles but equally as important: Oscar Isaac, Gwendoline Christie, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, and even veteran actor Max von Sydow! Who had one scene but he is such a distinguished actor that he brought such integrity to his character! Now let's get to a character that everyone is just loving. BB-8. The droid that has just as much heart as any other hero in the story! And the reason for that is because of former Saturday Night Live actor Bill Hader, and Parks and Recreation actor Ben Schwartz, who both lent their voices while running them through sound effects to bring a non-human character to life and give it personality!


I just have to let it be known that director J.J. Abrams has successfully resuscitated a franchise that had been starving for new life, ever since fans had been seemingly let down by a string of deflated, cheesy prequels. I personally believe that J.J. was able to achieve this by letting his love and respect for the original films lead the way. He wanted to stay authentic to and retain the magic and excitement of those classic films, while no doubt continuing to present it in his prominent style of filmmaking. His strong command of visually telling the story that Lawrence Kasdan, the screenwriter who wrote the original two sequels: The "Empire Strikes Back" and "The Return of The Jedi", had written was so rich in staying true to the story while keeping it all exciting, that it kind of bothers me that J.J. won't be back to direct Star Wars: Episode 8 or 9! But hey, if nothing else, this was one hell of a way to kick off the new trilogy! Bravo to all involved with the making of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, And may the force be with you!


Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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