Tales of Halloween (2015) Film Thoughts... Well, it seems like every Halloween season we get a couple of new Halloween themed films though most are forgettable. Ever since Michael Dougherty's Trick R Treat (2008), filmmakers have tried to equal that modern classic. Last year's All Hallows' Eve came close. Tales of Halloween comes even closer.... This is a collection of 10 interwoven short films, set up similarly like Trick R Treat, you see many of the same characters from the other shorts either passing through or hanging around on the edges. Narrator Adrienne Barbeau, who is pretty much reprising her role from The Fog, takes us through the stories. Strap yourself in, it's going to be one long Halloween night.


I went into this film with hesitation. All I heard was how funny and comedic it was. “Ugh.”, I thought to myself...that is all I need is another horror comedy. While Tales of Halloween does have those moments of silliness, for the most part, it's deadly serious in its execution. It has quite a few incredibly gruesome scenes, thanks to some excellent effects work, loads of blood and guts. I really did think the film was well thought out, everything flowed nicely from scene to scene. The direction from all was really strong. What sets this one part from the rest though is the homage and it's overt love for the horror film and Halloween. I will not go in too deeply on what you will see here, but much of it is “blink and you will miss it”. Just the first segment alone, I saw a model of the car from the film “The Car”, the candy bar called “Carpenter” and “Hey, was that Felissa Rose?!” Yes, there are numerous cameos from people you know from the horror scene, including a segment at a costume party where you will be trying to figure out who is who (I had to look it up later). Most of the adult actors you have seen in recent indie horror films, though this film is about the kids and trick r treating. Some of these kids (or are they?) do some nasty things here.


I really did like this film. While it has some weak moments (and admittedly, they are few), overall it's a visual Halloween and horror film lovers “treat”. I really can see this being in people's annual Halloween marathons and the like. It's dark, has some humor and is very well done. I would be remiss if I didn't give this a high recommend. Too much of the right kind of passion went into this one.


Tales of Halloween Movie Review


by Dave Koenig "A Fiend on Film"


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