Talk To Me Movie Review

by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"



Writers: Josh Knoller, Sarah Evans

Director: Josh Knoller

Starring: Shane Johnson, Reese Bailey, Sarah Evans

Rating: Not Rated

Running Time: 20 minutes

Genre: Drama

Country/Language: USA/English

Year: 2016

Where You Can See It: Not Released Yet

18 year old Josh Knoller is perhaps one of the youngest up and coming filmmakers; and his first short film, "Talk To Me", is one that is deeply affecting and that actually something to say! Most films, especially in mainstream cinema, rarely take the subjective of suicide, more so teenage suicide, all that seriously. It's typically dazzled and stylized for the purposes of entertainment. However this is one short that really takes the topic seriously, in a way that doesn't patronize it or anyone that goes through such a terrible ordeal. It doesn't shrug it off or belittle it. It sets up a foundation for which a discussion about it can be had. Which is something that our culture needs more of. Which is what the whole story is about. A father (played by Shane Johnson) tries to find a common ground to speak to his teenage son Cameron (played by Reese Bailey) a year in the aftermath of his mother passing away. After a fight they have, Cameron storms upstairs, leaving his phone downstairs. When he receives a call, his father answers, only to be confronted with things he was not aware of before about his son, but also a catalyst that will make them both confront what they could not talk about before. For a 20 minute short, you get 20 full minutes of emotional rawness and power; all stemming from these staggering performances from Shane, Reese, and even actress Sarah Evans, who co-wrote this film with its director Josh. Sarah had such an important pivotal part, and she stuck her performance. Without even having to be seen to add to it! She did so over a phone call! This is truly an important film because in and of itself, does tackle something that doesn't just affect certain people, it's something that affects EVERYONE in some form or another - Whether it be you yourself or someone you know. If this is a debut film from someone as young as Josh, it's pretty plain to see that he has a bright future ahead as a writer/filmmaker!

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