The Mummy Review​


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


If you're going to see this movie to get away, not think, and just have a good time, those are good reasons to see this movie. If you're going in with a very logical, rational mind and prepared to every scene very seriously, you've already made up your mind to not like this movie. You have to walk into it prepared to be thrilled, to laugh, and have some fun with it. Don't over think it. That said I thought this movie was a great fun popcorn flick with only one intention - To entertain you, and also throw some nostalgia at you if you're a fan of the old Universal Monster Movies of the 30's, 40's & 50's. You'll discover some real fun "Easter Eggs" (movie term for References or Winks Of The Eye as a throw back to things you've seen before in other TV shows or Movies. For those of you who didn't know what it meant), playfully nuzzled within the movie. More so in the 3rd Act. Co-Produced by Dark Universe, who are going to attempt to revive the classic monsters we use to know like Dracula and the Wolfman. 


The plot just felt very all over the place. And I mean can you blame it? Especially when you've got three different people typing away at a script with three different styles of storytelling, two (David Koepp and Christopher McQuarrie) of them whom already have ties to its lead star Tom Cruise with their past scripts/movies that starred the famed actor. So when you've got three people trying to man a plot, and they all have different ideas, it's going to feel like three different types of movies roled into one. But putting that aside you have a director (Alex Kurtzman) who is known for writing and producing sci-fi action flicks such as Transformers and Star Trek. So, that's what you're going to get with your new and improved Universal Monster Movie. I won't lie, there are moments and elements of horror sprinkled through out. But come on, you're walking into a Tom Cruise movie, what'd you expect? Ok so fine, this movie is running parallel with the 1999 Brendan Fraser Mummy movie where it comes off more as an action/adventure/comedy than horror/thriller. Speaking of comedy, I thought Tom handled it well! When you think of him you don't necessarily think of comedy, you think action star. But he really got the timing down and how to deliver humorous lines of dialogue and even physical comedy, it was entertaining to watch! 


And then you have actor Jake Johnson, who's really known for primarily for his comedic roles, even if he does star in an action flick like Jurassic World. He's typically brought on to bring levity and break tension. And in this movie he does as he plays Tom Cruise's character Nick's side-kick Chris. And the best way to describe this character in this movie, think the friend Jack Goodman in An American Werewolf In London. Jake's character in The Mummy becomes darkly comical. Annabelle Wallis who plays Jenny, an archeologist of ancient antiquities who...well, i really only saw her character as a way to provide information to the audience and to Nick in times when we needed to be caught up, and also she was a romantic interest for Nick who became a driving reason for him to stay anchored when things got out of control for him. Other than a few times, she was pretty much a damsel in distress for Nick. I keep waiting for Annabelle to have a meatier part and I think the closest movie role that gave her character some depth was last year's Come And Find Me. Sophia Boutella, if you didn't spot her in Monster: Dark Continent then you definitely would've spotted her in her breakout role as Gazelle in the Matthew Vaughn's action flick Kingsman: The Secret Service as Samuel L. Jackson's side-kick with the deadly metal legs! After that she started picking up roles in bigger movies like Star Trek Beyond and now this film; after this picture you can see her in the upcoming Charlize Theron movie Atomic Blonde. So definitely keep an eye out for Sophia Boutella and her rising stardom! Russell Crowe I had forgotten was even in the movie until I saw him in his intro scene! But he has such a cool part that I don't even want to give anything away! I will just urge people to go see this fun action flick and just have a good time with your popcorn and soft drink!

Written By: David Koepp, Christopher McQuarrie, Dylan Kussman 

Directed By: Alex Kurtzman 

Starring: Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Annabelle Wallis, Sophia Boutella, Jake Johnson 

Rated: PG-13 

Running Time: 1 hr 50 mins 

Genre: Action-Adventure-Fantasy-Horror 

Country/Language: UK/English 

Year: 2017 

How It Can Be Seen: In Theaters Now 

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