The Vanished Review

by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


I can guarantee you that there are American citizens who do think that Mexican immigration is a problem, or even an invasion. What people don't realize is that it's not political issue. It's not a national issue. It's not even an issue period until it's made one. What it's about is people, survival and compassion. It can be boiled down to those three things. And that is what this film is focusing on.


THE VANISHED is a short drama written by Taylor Grant and directed by Kate Rees Davies; and the film has so much heart beating within it - The first half tells the very moving, very realistically portrayed story about a father/husband (Eloy Méndez) from Mexico who travels to America to make sure his family survives. Being a person myself who was born of Mexican decent, the first half of the story meant a lot for personal reasons as it showed an accurate portrayal of what a Mexican immigrant goes through to make it to the "Promise Land". The land of opportunity. To find that opportunity to survive and make sure loved ones survive.


The second half of the story tells of the immigrant making it to America, finds work by way of an American father/widower (Gary Cairns) who is also struggling personally. And no matter how different these two men are, they are one and the same and are able to help each other. Like I said, this is a story about people. Humanity. Survival. And compassion. The story moved me and that is all due to 3 things: Kate's honest direction, the cast's authentic performances, and Taylor's beautifully written story.


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