Vanity Fear Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


Writer/Director: Vadim Levin

Starring: Alina Alexeeva, Katrin Assi, Alexandr Samsonov

Rated: Not Rated

Running Time: 5 minutes 32 seconds

Genre: Horror

Country/Language: English

Year: 2016

How It Can Be Seen: Coming Soon!


Let's just make it known right here and now that I am a dedicated fan of all kinds of films, no matter the duration. I am just as much a fan of short films as I am of full length features. I respect short films for the people who make them, as they have the challenge of squeezing in memorable well rounded characters, a well crafted story or plot, and a twist or creative ending. Jamming all of that and more in a film that can last anywhere from a few minutes to 30 minutes. And that isn't an easy task to achieve. But many of them do, and for that, those filmmakers deserve praise and recognition. Being a movie reviewer has amazing perks and one of them being you get to see films of many different walks of life by people all of the world. Vanity Fear is one short film that I have been expose to, and I am here to tell you it was quite a treat!


Brought to life by Vadim Levin, a debut director with a hefty already notable career in the film business, Vanity Fear is a five and a half minute horror short that examines the dangers of how one prank in a haunted basement while trying to attract followers and likes through social media can go horribly wrong. The film being armed with only 3 person casts, these kids; Alina Alexeeva, Katrin Assi, and Alexandr Samsonov, have such a natural vibe being in front of the camera that it wasn't hard to think of them as their characters and not actors. Solid in the bag make up fx that was used so minimally that it was effective as all hell!The music is so eerie and haunting and not over done, so when I found out it was by composer Eric Elick, I was both elated and not surprised given how great the score was! I personally loved this short, so if you enjoy creepy, startling horror flicks, do keep your eyes peeled to see it!

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