The previous film by Michael David Lynch that I had seen, Dependent’s Day, had already made such an impression on me that I knew immediately that I had seen the work of a filmmaker of whom I would come to admire. The next film, Victor Walk, would become a film that would impact me on a whole other, much higher, level. It addresses a topic such as child sexual abuse, something that is almost taboo and people choose not discuss at the dinner table - Or at anywhere or anytime really. Documentaries are a great format in film to tackle such topics, to inform and get people to discuss them. 

I feel Michael David Lynch has successfully used that documentary format to tell the personal story of Theo Fleury, a former NHL hockey all star with a painful past of sexual abuse as a teen. And just as he hits his low point with drugs and alcohol addiction during his career, he finds the strength to not only recover, but becomes an advocate for the abused and also does the extraordinary in order to create stricter laws for the abusers - He takes a 250 mile walk from Toronto to Ottawa that lasts for 10 days. This is a personal pilgrimage you take with Theo as he meets supporters along the way, many who find the courage to come out with their own stories of abuse.

Michael Lynch flawlessly captures an important story in a time where an epidemic has run rampant not only in Canada but all over the world. And as heartbreaking as it is to hear those stories of abuse, at the very core of this impactful and emotionally charged documentary is a story of healing and empowerment. Speaking from experience, this film sticks with you. And as well it should! It should provoke thought and incite discussion. And there isn't even a single shred of doubt that this film will achieve just that.

In Los Angeles at the Dances With Films Festival, June 7th at 2:45 pm, Victor Walk will premiere!



Victor Walk Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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