You know the horror film you're about to see will jangle every nerve in your body, literally send waves of shivers up and down your body, and deliver unto thee the goosebumps that your body so unconsciously craves from a horror film when Horror Novelist, Stephen King himself, tweeted that the picture "scared the hell out of" him! I'm quite positive that first time feature film writer/director Robert Eggers would be undoubtedly humbled and proud that his film could conjure such emotions out of The One and Only Stephen King! With a mere budget of $3.5 Million, which by today's standards would mean that the filmmaker would need to make the most out of what they're given in order to make their film effective, has certainly proven that as long as one has tremendously strong script and the right cast, the picture could just as well be simple as well as effective. In a huge way, that is the big part of the film's charm and what makes it work on every conceivable level - It revels and rejoices in it's utter simplicity. 


The story is as follows: A Puritan family in 1630 parts from their plantation on account of a disagreement in beliefs with their town's Governor. So they make a new home on a new piece of land. But when the family's infant child goes missing, their family life begins to unravel day by day as they are confronted by Black Magic, Witchery, and even Possession. The cast is sublime, with The Game of Thrones very own Ralph Ineson and Kate Dickie, and especially the two older kids Harvey Scrimshaw and Anya Taylor-Joy (whom I might add both gave impressively staggering performances); all of their performances were rightfully dramatic and deliciously Shakespearean! I love the verbiage they used, as if it were what they would speak during that time period, it definitely added to the authenticity of the story and the characters!


It is a film that the great Ken Russell would have been proud to have had a hand in producing had the script been around while he was alive! This would've been right up his alley! But I have to say that for Robert Eggers, it is a name you may want to keep an eye out for! His directorial debut really set the bar at the level he's working at! I really could not sit still during this picture as I was leaning forward with jittery legs. It was deeply unsettling and had this visceral, unnerving effect on me. This really isn't a film that one can walk out of a theater and immediately be amped up in talking about. One needs time to absorb such material and let it all sink into your psyche. It's the kind of Horror that doesn't settle on the skin, but seeps into ever pour, targets your nerves and fears, and wreaks havoc on them. This is Horror at the pinnacle of its game! Check out The Trailer and see for yourself!


The VVitch Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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