So I went to this years Atlanta Walker Stalker Convention on Halloween...for those who do not already know, this is the "Unoffical" The Walking Dead themed convention which now in it's 3rd year has locations all over the USA. The Atlanta show is a bigger deal than most since the show itself is filmed down here and can bring in most everybody on the show, past and present. In the short period of time this convention has existed, it has grown to insane dimensions. Last year, it was held in the massive America's Mart in downtown Atlanta. This year, they moved it a few blocks away to the cavernous Georgia World Congress Center, a place I never been to before. The scale and professional look the convention organizers have created was impressive. I never seen so many very large inflatables in one place. This convention does need the space at this point, as there were thousands of people there, I felt like it was Dragon Con but for just one thing.











If you are into The Walking Dead (I'm not), you will just eat this up. I find after my 25+ years of convention going, that there has to be some kind of limit to things. This is just too big. I kinda felt bad for many of the vendors there who had some excellent things on display but since pretty much was on lines for signings...the vendor areas were lightly populated. Anyway, I did see some amazing art and items out on the tables. There were artists & writers like Benanna, Robert James Luedke, Summerwood Soaps, A. Shockey, Bryan SilverBax, Blake Brady, Chad Tuura, J.H. Glaze, Kevin Wahl, Nathan B. aka "Nasty Nate", Donovan Scherer, Famous After Death, Gory Ghoulry, Dim Horizion Studios, Howie Noel, Thirteenth Floor and one of my personal local favorites, Cavity Colors. (Do a search online to find out more about any of these folks). These people were just the tip of the iceberg as I didn't get to meet everybody there. As for signings, pretty much everybody from the show, past and present, were there and the lines for autographs/photos, were LONG for many. I even broke my cardinal rule about paying for autographs and got Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. to sign my copy of Straight Out Of Brooklyn, which the man was very excited to do.


As for me, I think the modern convention scene is too big and too expensive. I don't know how many afford this again and again (I had a Group On ticket with a further discount) but to each his own. If I am not a vendor at one of these big shows, I really don't have the drive anymore to go. It's the new Star Trek convention, 20 years from now, they will all still be trucking along and showing up at signings...

Walker Stalker Con 2015 Atlanta .

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by Dave Koenig "A Fiend on Film"

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