Wonder Woman Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


The closer a Wonder Woman film came to be released, the more headlines it was creating - And for good reason! This has literally been decades in the making, and its first weekend out of the gate, this long awaited superhero movie roped in a whopping $100,505,000! I repeat - Over $100 Million! Just on opening weekend! And I believe that it's been this successful for 2 reasons: 1.) Word Of Mouth/Marketing. The two just go hand and hand. And when you make a huge budgeted movie within the realm of Marvel or DC, you're going attract a wider scaled audience. That's just the nature of the beast these days. 2.) And I feel this is the most important reason - This is the first time in cinematic history that a female character was the lead central figure in a big budget superhero movie. This was a character who could be a beacon for all female audiences to look up to; girls and women alike. This was a game changer by all accounts. And frankly it's about time. I felt filmmaker Patty Jenkins knocked it out of the park with this adaptation of the DC Comic Universe, spear-headed by the exotically beautiful and equally talented Gal Gadot. In response to the recent upheaval (oh I'm sorry, did I say upheaval? I meant childish temper tantrums) that a number of members of the opposite gender expressed on Twitter. They were all bent out of shape that there were female-only private screenings held days before the official release, claiming that is was reverse sexism. Allow me to respond to this as well mannered and eloquently as I can: I think those of you who were throwing fits have forgotten that it was a man by the name of William Moulton Marston who created the original comic book, and he was in a big way inspired by women of the suffrage/feminist movements of the early 1900's. Here was a man who created a strong, noble, complex female superhero character, and supported the rights of women before they were even taken into consideration by law. I think to respect a few female-only private screenings of Wonder Woman isn't too much to accept and support. Anyway, back to the film!


Diana Prince/Wonder Woman made her major motion picture debut last year when she made an appearance in Zack Snyder's dark, gritty, action-packed Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. I remember there were a number of people who were concerned about the casting choice for Wonder Woman. There were definitely people who were acquainted with the work of Gal Gadot, having seen her in some movies. And then there were some who had no idea who she was. Mostly, people were just more concerned than anything with how she would Look as Wonder Woman. Not sure whether she could pull off the look, the costume. Even after photos of costume tests had surfaced they were still concerned! I myself had no doubts. I had no reservations. I was quite confident in fact that she could pull it off. Not that the look had even really troubled me, but frankly the look was a no brainer. She's exotic, she's beautiful, she's quite tall so she has this towering authority when playing a superhero. She has charm, charisma, and remembering her performances from her previous films I knew she was fully capable of playing strong yet vulnerable. I just knew she could pull off Wonder Woman. And then to see her in action in the film was superbly exciting! She had me completely encompassed me with intrigue and enchantment! In my personal honest opinion, even though her part wasn't as big as Batman or Superman, she was one of the best parts of the 3rd Act in that film! Now, fast forward to this year's Wonder Woman stand alone movie! They got it right. Look, I'm not totally familiar with the world of the comic books. But as a film, they did everything they needed to do, right. They provided a fantastical origin story that gave you a lot of insight into who Wonder Woman is, and was as a child, into her teens and young womanhood. And the pacing never slackened. It kept things moving along, which is what you'd want as a viewer of superhero action movies. You never want to get into the middle of the movie and be bored. And that never happened here. There were tremendous themes stitched through out the movie about seeing the good in humanity, choices, feminism; moments that made me want to applaud and scream "Yeah!". There were moments of empowerment where in the back of my mind I was hoping they were impactful for impressionable young girls, and women all over the world. Gal Gadot, just a gem and a great find to play such an iconic character. Just the fact that she almost decided Not to go to the audition in the first place for Batman v Superman because she thought her career was headed nowhere, just goes to show that some parts were cosmically tailor-made for some actors/actresses, they'd be a perfect fit. And you can just tell that Gal was made to play Wonder Woman. Patty Jenkins, a filmmaker who's 2003 Dramatic-Biopic MONSTER starring Charlize Theron had won an Oscar, was the perfect choice to direct this movie. She really has an eye for capturing real moments on screen. That came through in Monster and it also came through in Wonder Woman. At first I will admit I was a bit surprised, but after a few minutes I thought, "Well, that makes sense!" This film is what Cinema has been missing so I'm elated that it has finally been unveiled to the world! This is a picture for the whole family - It's fun, it's action-packed, it's got stunning visuals and is full of humorous moments through out, but most of all it has a lot of emotion and it's inspiring! Check out the trailer below and see for yourself! 


Writer: Allan Heinberg  

Director: Patty Jenkins

Starring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Lucy Davis, Elena Anaya

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 2 hrs 21 mins

Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy

Country/Language: USA-China-Hong Kong/English-German

Year: 2017

How It Can Be Seen: In Theaters Now!


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